5 cool things about your liver that you didn't know

1. It is the second largest organ in your body.

It is also the heaviest organ, weighing more than 1kg for Asians. Pretty substantial isn't it?

2. It is the only organ that is capable of metabolising alcohol.

Your liver acts as a filter and gets rid of waste material. It also breaks down the food you eat into nutrients for your body.

3. It can regenerate itself.

No kidding. If cut a piece of your liver, it will grow back. And that's why it's possible to donate a part of your liver to someone else. Amazing huh?

4. Your liver can get overworked and break down forever.

Even though it's got regenerating abilities, drinking too much alcohol causes the liver to overwork and break down. Once that happens, it loses its magical powers and you're left with a scarred, damaged liver.

5. It can grow fat too.

Fatty liver is the first stage of liver disease. This happens when fat builds up around your liver and hugs it like a pair of skinny jeans. Not sexy.

The good news is, this can be reversed if you change your diet (read: drink less alcohol).

Take home message: Be kind to your liver so that it can remain healthy, bouncy, and accompany you to many more parties ahead.


Men should drink a max. of 2 standard drinks a day. Women, no more than one.

A standard drink = one can of beer (330ml), 0.5 glass of wine (175 ml) or 1 nip of spirit (35 ml).


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