About Us

InnerPur is a brand conceived in Singapore - a cosmopolitan city-state known for its lush greenery, spotlessly clean streets, and Crazy Rich Asians. It is also known for having the longest working hours in the world.
As career-driven women who struggled with work and family, we often had no time to take care of ourselves. In order to perform our best, we tried different types of supplements. Many of them either took a long time to deliver results or simply did not live up to their promises. Ever so often, we were left frustrated, wondering if all that time and money was worth it.
That's why we created Innerpur for those who want results.
We are driven by a simple goal -  to create products that work fast.
Our team studied thousands of products on the market and found that many are made with low-cost ingredients and lack rigorous research in their development process.
We wanted to do things differently.
We are not a small-batch indie brand. Neither are we a commercial giant that engages in cost-cutting to maximise profits. Instead, we take a science-driven approach to develop products that do what they're supposed to, and we price them reasonably. No B.S.
So how exactly do we create our awesome products?

1. Ingredient selection

Our R&D team reviews the research evidence and selects ingredients that have proven benefits.

2. Sourcing 

Unlike lab-made ingredients, the quality of natural ingredients are subject to weather and soil conditions, as well as farming methods. Therefore, it is crucial to source for suppliers with pure and high quality ingredients. This forms the bedrock of our brand because there is no way one can create a great product from poor ingredients.  

3. Method of distillation

By themselves, natural ingredients are often poorly absorbed by our bodies or 
require huge doses in order to take effect. This is inefficient and expensive. 
Therefore, we utilise advanced technology to distill the most active parts of an ingredient.

4. Formulation 

Different ingredients react differently in the presence of others. Our R&D team
uses their expertise to combine ingredients that work synergistically in order to deliver the benefits that we need.

5. Manufacture

After we've locked in our secret formulas, we'll work with a vetted circle of trusted manufacturers to bring our products to life. 

6. Test, test, test.

Finally, all our products go through a battery of tests. These include toxicology tests, hormone tests, etc. No detail is spared. This is how we know that each product is safe and effective.
As you can see, we take immense pride in ensuring that you receive only the very best. We love every single one of our creations and we know that you will, too. 
But hey, don't take our word for it. Try it, and witness it yourself today.