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Many weight loss products on the market achieve their results by causing us to lose water instead of fat. This is unsustainable and could harm our bodies in the long run.

Skinny 3X is different. It works because of a 3-prong approach:

1. By blocking the absorption of excess sugars and fat in our diet.

2. By stimulating our natural metabolism rate. 

3. By improving our intestinal environment.

Neutralizes alpha-sialidase.

In order to digest food, your body needs to produce different enzymes. One of these enzymes is called alpha-sialidase and it's found in your gut.

Alpha-sialidase helps your body to digest and absorb carbohydrates. Skinny 3X contains French Brown Sea Weed Extract  that neutralizes this enzyme so that your body only absorbs 15% of the carbs you eat.

Inhibits lipase

Your body produces another enzyme called lipase. This little enzyme helps to break down the fat that you eat into smaller components, so that it's easier for your body to absorb. By blocking the action of lipase, your body will absorb 63% less fat. The un-used fat will then be secreted through your sweat, urine, and stools.

Stimulates UCP-1  

UCP-1 is a protein in your body that's responsible for converting fat into energy. i.e. it's your fat burner. By stimulating UCP1, you're making it work harder and effectively burning fat a lot faster. 

Skinny 3X contains black ginger extract from Japan, which has been clinically shown to activate UCP-1.

Improve body metabolism and circulation, relieve edema.

Black ginger is a vasodilator, meaning that it increases the diameter of small arteries and enhances our blood circulation. This helps to reduce swelling within our bodies. More importantly, by increasing blood circulation, it leads to a small increase in our body temperature. This is called the thermogenic effect which helps to burn fat.

Improve bowel movement and gut environment

​Consuming enough dietary fiber is key to nurturing a healthy gut - the key to maintaining a healthy weight.

The Health Promotion Board recommends between 20-26g of fiber/day. Unfortunately, the average Singaporean adult only consumes 13g each day.

Skinny 3X contains Fibersol that promotes regular bowel movement and a healthy gut to support your weight management journey.  

2 tablets twice a day. For best results, take 20-30 minutes before meal. But if you forget, just take it after the meal. 

One box lasts 30 days.


Do not exceed 1200mg (three servings) a day. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a healthcare professional before using this or any dietary supplement. 


How fast can I see the effects of Skinny 3X if I continue eating my regular diet?

By following the instructions on the label strictly, you will notice the results taking place within 2 weeks. Specifically, take 3 tablets before meals, 2 times/day. 

Do note that the rate of weight loss also depends on your baseline metabolic rate. Many clients report seeing results in a few days but if you do not, don't worry. Stick to the plan and wait for 2 weeks.

Where does the fat go since it's not absorbed by my body?    

A small portion will be converted into useful energy for the body, while the remaining fat will be removed naturally through sweat and urine.​

"I can't believe how effective this is! But are there any side effects?"

Skinny 3X works because it is formulated based on sound nutrition principles and ingredients with strong scientific evidence. We take safety very seriously and only use ingredients that are certified by FDA.

Unlike many slimming products on the market, Skinny 3X will not cause diarrhoea, thirst, heart palpitations, and frequent urination. We do not believe that losing weight by losing large volumes of water is sustainable or healthy at all.

​​"I noticed that my skin condition improved after consuming Skinny 3X. How did this happen?"

Intense weight loss often results in dull and dry skin. Nobody wants that!

Skinny 3X contains French brown seaweed which is a rich source of marine polyphenols - plant nutrients that act as powerful antioxidants. It is 5 to 7.5 times higher in antioxidant  and has a much more potent effect on anti-aging as well as promoting collagen production.

Furthermore, marine polyphenols protect your skin's Langerhans cells against harmful UV-rays. Langerhans cells play an important role in your immune system and act as a barrier to prevent bacteria from invading your skin.

And that's why after consistent use of Skinny 3X, you'll notice that your skin is brighter and smoother than before.

White Kidney Bean extract, Fibersol-2, French Brown Seaweed extract, Black Ginger extract, Water Shield extract, Microcystalline Cellulose, Partly Pregelatanized Starch, Maltitol Sylopage 720, Magnesium Stearate, Shellac Ethanol. 

No wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, fish/shellfish.

Made in Japan.